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Margarita León (URL at Academia.edu: https://uab.academia.edu/MargaritaLeon is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Government and Public Policies (IGOP) of the Universitat Autònoma Barcelona. From 2003 until 2010 she was a lecturer in European social policy (SSPSSR, University of Kent). She has been a Marie Curie Post-doctoral  fellow at the RSCAS, European University Institute in Florence, Italy. She holds a PhD from the London School of Economics (2000) and a MA in Sociological Research from the University of Essex (1995). She has co-edited with A.M. Guillén The Spanish Welfare State in European Context (2011 Ashgate). Two of her most recent publications are  “From Austerity to Strain: welfare state reform in Italy and Spain”  in Comparative European Politics with Pavolini, Guillén and Ascoli (2014); and “A real job? Regulating household work”  European Journal of Women Studies (2013) Vol.20 (2): 170-188.


Margarita’s research interests include comparative welfare research, with a specific focus on processes of reform of welfare systems in Europe according to social structure, labour markets and design and implementation of social policy; New approaches to sociology of work. In particular, the relationship between paid employment and unpaid care work. Her current line of research looks at the relationship between the social organisation of care and  migration and early years education and care from the perspective of social investment.



Selected recent and forthcoming publlications:


León, M. (2014) (ed.) The Transformation of Care in European Societies. Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming.

León, M. & Pavolini, E. (2014) “Social Investment or back to Familialism? The impact of the economic crisis on family policies in Southern Europe” forthcoming in South European Society and Politics (forthcoming).

Ibáñez, Z. & León, M. (2014) “Resisting crisis at what cost? Migrant care workers in private households” in Anderson, B. and Shutes, I. (2013)  (eds) Care and Migrant Labour: Theory, Policy and Politics Palgrave (forthcoming)

Pavolini, E.; León, M.; Guillén, A.M. & Ascoli, U. (2014) “From Austerity to Strain: welfare state reform in Italy and Spain”  Comparative European Politics  (forthcoming)

León, M. (2013) “A real job? Regulating household work. The case of Spain  European Journal of Women Studies Vol.20 (2): 170-188. SAGE ISNN: 1350-5068. Impact Factor 0.579 SSCI (JCR 2011).

Drobnic, S. & León, M. (2013) “ Agency Freedom for Worklife Balance in Germany and Spain” in Hobson, B. Work–Life Balance: The Agency and Capabilities Gap across European and Asian Societies. Oxford University Press.

León, M. & Migliavacca, M. (2013) “Italy and Spain: Still the case of familistic welfare models?”  Population Review Vol 25 (1): 25-42. E-ISSN 1549-

León, M. & Salido, O. (2012) “ políticas de conciliación entre la vida familiar y la laboral” in Del Pino, E. y  Rubio, J. Transformaciones del Estado de Bienestar en perspectiva comparada. Editorial Tecnos.

Guillén, A.M & M. León (2011) (eds) The Spanish Welfare State in the European Context. Surrey & Burlington: Ashgate.  ISBN: 9781409402930

 León, M. (2010) “Migration and care work: the domestic sector revisited”  Social Policy and Society, Volume 9, No. 3, July 2010. Cambridge University Press.

León, M. & Subirats, J. (2013) “Descentralización del sector público y protección social” Presupuesto y Gasto Público 71: 137-145, Madrid: Instituto de Estudios Fiscales

León, M. (2011) “Ideas, políticas y realidad: Análisis crítico de la ley de dependencia” en Papeles de Economía Española. Madrid: Fundación de las Cajas de Ahorro. N.129 pp: 170-181.  ISSN: 0210-9107


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