Gomà Carmona, Ricard

Sunday, 15 December 2013 17:24
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Office: B3/079

Telephone: +34 3 581 2411

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Ricard Gomà is an associate professor of political science at the department of political science and public law (UAB). He holds a PhD in political science (UAB), a MPhil in public policy (Univesity of Strathclyde, Glasgow) and a master degree in urban and regional studies (UAB).  He has been visiting fellow at the University of Warwick (1994-1995) and at the University of Bath (1998 and 2002). He has also a large teaching experience in postgraduate and doctoral programmes at several European and Latin American universities (England, Italy, México, Brazil, Argentina). Ricard is a research fellow at the IGOP (Institute of Government and Public Policies), and he is currently director of the IERMB (Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies), a research consortium between UAB and the Metropolitan Government of Barcelona.

His main fields of research are social policies and welfare states; urban policies and local governance; and social movements, community action and citizen participation. Ricard is interested in supervising doctoral researchers working on issues connected to his current research interests (urban policies and urban commons; new municipalism; inequalities and social innovation; community involvement).


Selected publications



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