Publication in Revue Française d'Administration publique

Fernández Pasarín, A.M (2015) "The State back in: "La comitologie ou la délégation contrôlée et coordonnée du pouvoir". Revue Française d'Administration publique, 158: 463-475.


The State back in: Comitology as supervised and Coordinated Delegation of Power – This article aims to shed light on the role of comitology as a key, but denatured, element of national coordination of European affairs at the executive level of the EU decision-making process. It shows the central position occupied by this system within the EU institutional tangle as a stronghold of member states’ sovereignty, but also its loss of significance in practice, due to a logic of functioning that is decentralized and inspired by supranationalism, and which tends to push this administrative chainlink away from the epicentre of national politics except in cases of major disagreement with the European Commission.


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