Bosch Gardella, Agusti

Thursday, 05 December 2013 14:45
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Telephone: +34 3 581 2428

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Agustí Bosch is senior lecturer of Political Science at the UAB. His main research interests are voting behaviour, public opinion and the electoral system, both at Catalan and comparative levels. Agustí is keen to welcome new doctoral students within his alluded research areas.

Some selected publications:
Bosch, A. (2016). Types of Economic Voting in Regional Elections: The 2012 Catalan Election as a Motivating Case. Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, 26(1), 115-134.

Bosch, A. i Orriols, Ll. (2014). Ballot Structure and Satisfaction with Democracy. Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, 24(4), 493 -511.

Bosch, A. (2014) "La economía y las elecciones del 25N" en Rodon, T. y Orriols, Ll. (eds) Cataluña en la encrucijada. Madrid: Marcial Pons.

Anduiza, E; Bosch, A; Orriols, Ll; y Rico, G. (eds) (2014) Elecciones generales 2011. Colección Elecciones 4. Madrid: Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas

Bosch, A. (2012) "El sistema electoral" en Reniu, JM. (ed.) Manual de Sistema Politico Español. Barcelona: Huygens Ed.

Bosch, A. (2012) "Una evaluación del sistema electoral local: el caso de Catalunya" en Jordana, J; Navarro, V; Pallarés, F; i Requejo, F. (eds.) Democràcia, Política i Societat. Barcelona: Publicacions de la UPF.

Bosch, A. y Orriols, Ll. (2011) Ciència Política per a principiants. Barcelona: Editorial UOC.



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