The professors and researchers of the CPA Unit develop their research activity around four broad areas:


  1. The group on Democracy, Elections and Citizenship conducts empirical analysis of citizen’s political commitment in contemporary democracies
  2. The research group on EU Governance is working on various topics related with EU institutions, political processes and EU policies 
  3. The group on political parties and elites centers on European, Spanish and Catalan political parties, business associations, and the behavior of government elites.
  4. The research group on analysis, management and evaluation of policies develops research in relation to specific polices (social, health, education, risk)  and also on issues of governance, political participation and local and territorial government. 



The researchers working in this area conduct empirical analysis of citizen’s political commitment in contemporary democracies. Some of recent research topics are: digital media and political participation; political protests and social movements; institutional context and political participation; political attitudes of migrants; stability and change in political attitudes. 

The research group on European Union Governance works on topics related to EU institutions, processes and policies. This group benefited from its double membership in the department and in the University Institute for European Studies which was the centre of EU research at UAB until 2012. Research is dedicated to both EU politics and policy, particularly to Europeanization and EU specific policies like environment or energy.  

This research group has existed in UAB since the beginning of the studies in Political Science and it is now a centre of activity for researchers from other Spanish universities. Research topics are varied and cover political parties in Spain and Catalonia, political elites in the Spanish system, political roles of business associations and manifestos of radical extreme right political parties.  

Researchers in this group work on a number of topics related to specific public policies (social policy, water, health…) and also on issues of governance, public management, citizen participation and territorial and local government. Most of the researchers are also members of the UAB Institute of Government and Public Policies which includes researchers from other disciplines and departments.