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Democracy, Elections and Citizenship

Saturday, 20 November 2010 02:23
Published in Research

The researchers working in this area conduct empirical analysis of citizen’s political commitment in contemporary democracies. Some of recent research topics are: digital media and political participation; political protests and social movements; institutional context and political participation; political attitudes of migrants; stability and change in political attitudes. 

Various researchers from this group are members  of a recognized Research Group by the Catalan Government (SGR – AGAUR, 2009-2013)



Live research projects January 2014




  • Stability and change in political attitudes
    This project (CSO2010-18534) analyses political attitudes with longitudinal and experimental data. It considers attitudes such as interest in politics, political preferences, government and opposition evaluations, perceptions of the economic and political situation, attitudes towards migrants, tolerance to corruption and national identities. For more information contact Prof. Anduiza


  • Migration, external citizenship and political parties
    This project (Ministry of Science and Innovation 2011–2014) is a comparative contextual analysis of policies of external citizenship in Spain, France, Romania and Italy. The main emphasis is on the politics of the right for emigrants to vote in their country of origin and the strategies and discourses employed by the main political parties campaigning for the emigrant vote. For more information contact Prof. Ostergaard
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