The undergraduate programme in Political Science and Public Management is a 4-year programme addressed to students who are interested in public affairs and who wish to develop their knowledge of and acquire the tools to analyse  politics and public administration. The programme is structured in three specializations: political analysis; public policy and public management; and international relations.  Training is aimed at both academic and professional development.

The undergraduate programme in Sociology is a 4-year programme addressed to students interested in understanding social phenomena, namely culture, socio-economic differences, education, gender, immigration, social policy, religion or labour. The programme offers a broad training in social sciences, with specific emphasis on social structure, methodology and research techniques and sociological theory.

The undergraduate programme in Journalism aims to provide students with the knowledge and analytical and communication skills necessary for their career development in the media, business and public institutions.

The undergraduate programme in Environmental Science seeks to offer students a broad, multidisciplinary vision of environmental issues. The emphasis is on understanding the scientific, technical, social, territorial, economic and legal aspects of environmental questions. 

The Masters degree in Political Science of the UAB offers advanced training in political analysis. The programme provides students with the theoretical and methodological tools and skills that are essential for those wanting to carry out doctoral research, or develop their academic career as consultants, analysts and political advisers.

The Master in Public Management (UAB-UB-UPF) offers advanced and specialized training in public management.  The programme provides students with the theoretical and methodological tools necessary either for generating knowledge about public management through research, or for engaging in professional practice in public management. The Master’s degree is taught by academics of the three universities that take part in this joint programme, as well as by a small number of scholars and professionals invited from others institutions.

The UAB offers an attractive environment for postgraduate students wishing to carry out doctoral research.
The objective of the PhD studies programme in Politics, Policies and Internacional Relations is to train doctoral students to become professional researchers at the international level. Upon completion of the PhD, the successful candidate will have consolidated a wide range of transferable skills applicable to jobs throughout higher education and other knowledge-intensive sectors, both private and public. In addition to specialized expert knowledge within a particular field, the PhD students gain experience and competence in designing research projects, resolving methodological issues, communication and public outreach skills.